3-D Counters

3-D counters are a cheap, lightweight way to play ACTA, yet retain impressive looking ship models. The ships can be printed onto card stock, cut out and assembled. Generally each piece is printed twice, one mirroring the other, They are then glued together, to make it double sided (and double thickness). Then, slits are cut to slot the parts together.

Minbari Fleet: these are best printed onto light blue card. Included are Sharlin, Tinashi, Tigara, Leshath, Neshatan and Torotha.

Drakh Fleet: best printed on white card. Included are Light Raider, Heavy Raider, Scout, Carrier and Motheship.

Centauri: Primus and Vorchan by AdrianH, alternative Vorchan/Liati by me.

ISA White Star: best printed on white card. Thanks to AdrianH for making this one!

Vree Xorr: Of the four small discs, stack three and put them on the underside before gluing on the guns. The fourth goes onto the top side before gluing on the dual guns. Thanks to AdrianH for making this one!

Narn G'Quan: best printed onto white card. No pics, because I haven't actually built one yet!

EA Nova: Another from AdrianH. Best printed onto white or grey card. The thin grey strips below the engines are for the guns which need to be on raised mounts, the ones either side midships and the ones at the back of the bow area. Roll them into short cylinders (maybe round cocktail sticks), then stick the guns onto them. Only half of one of the grey strips is needed to make a raised gun mount, you can use the other strips, cut in half and then each half folded in half, as the tailplanes which stick out between the engine exhausts. The strips sticking out of the top and bottom hull pieces are also gun mounts. Fold them in half, back towards the hull, so the gun mount has shading on both sides.